Monday, September 10, 2012

Window Inspiration

I have this window:
And it needs a little something. The bathroom oviously needed a little lot of something too. Don't worry, that got done. It's just taken months.

I even have the fabric already (a shower curtain from World Market.  I couldn't find actual fabric that I liked.  I wanted a little yellow and grey and I love the hint of blue grey too!)!
Serious cuteness, right?! I kind of like the fabric too! It will go in the laundry room too.  Both are off the playroom.
Therefore, I wanted the same fabric and I wanted it to (kind of) go with the playroom. It doesn't, but oh well, I liked it!

I tried to gather some inspiration for window treatments because I will be making something soon!

How come all the roman shades are inside the window frame? I like them outside. What are your thoughts...

Inside ala Martha
or outside like Alissa, (a smart blogger who wanted outside for extra height, like me, and gives you a most detailed tutorial, which means, I don't have too.  Win! Win!)

Come on, so which is it? Inside or Outside?

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