Friday, September 21, 2012

SCORE! Part 2

I told you yesterday about my shopping scores this week.

Yes, I was supposed to be working on my roman shade for the half bath, but my mom needed me to create a bunch of artwork for my grandmothers beach house.  I was so excited thinking of all the possibilities until she threw the B word at me.  You know the one.  Budget.  Booooo.  But I like a challenge.  However, this challenge was two part.  She needs it all by Wednesday.  That's right.  One week.

First I scoured all my Pinterest boards.  The art & printables one is where I started.  This was going to be tricky for a house I've only spent a few hours in.  I could not remember a thing about what was there (walls or art!)  I created a board just for this house so I could keep my thoughts organized.  I should tell you that this is going to be a rental so nothing too fancy and if it got broken it wasn't a huge loss.  It will also be dog friendly.

I made a list of things I wanted to do and supplies I would need.  Grabbed my Michaels coupons and left my mom with the babes!

I stopped at Salvation Army first.  Just to check in and see what I could find.  Here is my loot:
2 big matching frames (always a score in itself, in my opinion!) 1 mirror (another score in itself, only because I think it's hard to find either of these items!) 2 4x6 frames 1 5x7 and one triple frame in white wood and connected by rope...very beachy already!
Since I was there and shopping ALONE I had to look around.  That is when I found this:
No, I don't need it, but I thought it was too cute..well, it could be.  I also had one person in mind. I've already committed to doing her nursery when it's time!  I think this will be perfect.

Ok, back to artwork...I then went to Michaels to finish getting my supplies.  They had a great coupon for canvas packs (40% off each canvas purchase...NOT just one!!)!!  Super, because I needed 12x12 and I needed 9.  I got 2 seven packs ($19.99 each +coupon).
 They also had 11x14 frames in the clearance section for $6, I needed 3.  11x14 already matted!  Score!
Next week I will fill you in on all things ART!  Like how I am going to make 6+sqft of artwork for less than $19.99!

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