Thursday, November 7, 2013

Banishing the Brick!

I posted before Halloween about the playroom fireplace.  It was plain brick and boring and it's been on the to do list for awhile now.  I had a dilema though.  The hubs wanted to pain it white and I wanted to paint it a darker shade of the wall color (Chromium by Valspar)

Here is the before:

It was dirty and I googled ways to clean the brick just to make sure there wasn't anything too crazy that I was supposed to do.  Nope.  Some scrubbing bubbles, a brush, and a bucket of water.  I scrubbed it pretty good and the changed the dirty water frequently but I didn't notice a huge difference.  However, I'm sure my paint stuck better to a clean surface.
I'm a huge fan of priming.  I prime everything.  It takes my project longer to be completed, but I think it's a step that is totally worth while.  Plus priming always gives me an idea of what the item would look like white.
Here it is primed.  It was this step that I knew I was not going to like the white.  
The hubs and I compromised on the wall color.  I really thought I was going to like the dark but if it looked awful, I would have had to eat that argument and I didn't feel like doing that.   I also thought the wall color would be "fine".  Why don't they ever see our vision?  SO wall color it was.  I went and got it's own quart ($13) to make sure I didn't run out.
It honestly was the same color and same finish (I touched up the walls!), but looked really baby blue (two coats).  I did not like it but it took me a couple of days to tell Chad.  Who also didn't like it!  Woot!  Back to Lowes.  I found a darker grey in the same family and had them try to match.  They couldn't, but I didn't need anything specific, just a darker tint to that color.  So needless to say the final product does not have a name.  I was worried about it screaming "I'm a fireplace" but it is what it is.  Two coats later, I love it and maybe one day I'll style it.
 I also painted the "hearth" black oil based high heat resistant black matte.
I hope that when brick fireplaces come back, I'm not in this house, because that is going to be impossible to get back!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Run Happy

This weekend my BFF was in town.  It was a quick Halloween visit, but honestly they are all too short.  She is a big runner and needs someplace to hang all her medals.  Usually she likes to "steal" random projects from around my house, but this time we did something just for her.

A wooden plaque from Michaels ($10ish) that the boys painted and some cup hooks ($3ish) from Lowes.
Then I printed out "Run Happy" which is from a quote she likes..traced it on to the board and colored it in with permanent marker.  Added the cup hooks and hanging hardware to the back.  All done!
Easy peasy organizing project!  What's the easiest project you've ever done?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Color in the kitchen

I have one of those amazing recessed sockets in my kitchen.  Great if you need a clock.  But I don't.  So I wanted to cover it up.  I also needed something with some height, but there isn't enough room for another shelf.  
I had a canvas that would fit there perfectly.  I wanted some color but not an actual picture that should really be hung close to eye level to see details.  I pin art whenever I see something I like and this one in particular has been all over pinterest.
Decor Pad
It's actually digitally done, but I LOVE those colors.  I looked around for some tutorials for ideas.  There are a lot out there.  Basically they are all the same. 

Paint your canvas:  I actually really liked this one as is and had a hard time putting the tape on it.  You can't see it in this pic but there is actually some sparkly gold going on!

Find the width of painters tape you like and cut strips to the length you want.  I used edge lock duck tape (just shy of 1" thick) and cut 4" long strips on a measured craft mat.  

The rest you do by "eyeballing" it.  Pretty technical I know.  However, I will admit I had to start over three times until I found a way to start my pattern.  My perfect pattern was started with a triangle (point up) in the exact middle of the canvas.
I laid them all out and then peeled off a few random ones.
Instead of white, I used a really light turquoise.  It's my black.  Every room should have a little in it!  I did two layers:

I then used my exact o knife to pull up the tape that was left on there. VERY CAREFULLY.
And here it is in it's final resting place.  I still haven't hung it.  It's propped up.  I still may raise it up a little bit,but that is low on the list.

It wasn't brain surgery but there was lots of drying time involved & it didn't cost a penny (at some point it did but that was so long ago) but a certain best friend is begging me to make one for her...I'm sure I'll do it..because I love anything that takes me away from housework her!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up..Buh Bye Now

Our playroom has a brick fireplace.  We had the room painted when we moved in, but weren't real sure what we wanted to do with the brick.  It's not a pretty brick.  Just regular old red clay brick.  I will say here that we don't use this fireplace.  One days we'd love to put gas longs in there but with three littles, I'm not real keen on the idea of anything hot.  I also have a dream picture of what I would want for a fireplace but until we actually use it, and it's not hidden from toys the room changes function there is no reason to spend all that money.

However, it's almost been three years...and I was recently left alone for the night.  So what's a girl (that can't drive and couldn't go anywhere anyway because I had two sick kids) to on a new project of course!  What I did know is that a white mantle was a definite and the hearth part will be black.  I spent five minutes on pic monkey putting those ideas on paper:

My first thought was white.  That is the easiest.  Also very predictable.  But very clean and fresh.  After priming, I was not sold on the white.  This is what the hubs liked.
Then there is the same color as the walls option.  It would blend in better.
I found lots of painted fireplaces on pinterest, mostly darker.  This is where I was leaning.

But there is also the distressed look that I like but this might be too busy for this already very busy room.

So I sent around an email for some thoughts and opinions...What did I end up doing?  You'll have to come back and see!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Santa is Coming

What to early?  Darn, because I've already said it more than once in the past week to more than one child.

Anyway, Santa is coming more than likely and he is bringing this baby cradle.  I'm not sure I like it as is.  Obviously the "linens" have to go.  I'm hoping to maybe (probably not) make some to match what Little Miss has on her bed.  

Do I leave it alone?  Paint it?  What color?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Roads diverged in a wood Part II

This is girly outdoor nursery is DEFINITELY the road less traveled.  I couldn't even find any inspiration on Pinterest?!

My next favorite place to start a project is fabric.  Sometimes I search for some that speaks to me and sometimes I hoard it until I find a use for my living room curtains.  This was a search.  But I loved what I found...I really really love it.  It's called Yay Day by Birch Organics.  I can see I will be spending more time on their site...such fun stuff!
This would be the bedskirt.  I may or may not add a white or pale pink ruffle to it like the one in my nursery, or maybe pom poms to the edge?  However, I really like it as is.  I would leave it as is for covering a glider and I might even use some to cover the changing pad.

My curtains are from the same collection & they would definitely be getting pom poms!  I would also do a crib sheet and a lumbar pillow for the glider.
Here is what I've put together for a little miss that I feel is girly and outdoorsy.  Which I feel her mom has down to a science.  I used a lot of the same elements from the boy room.  Subtle Touch grey walls from Behr, dark crib and dresser/changing table.  I'm sure Pantone will be telling us that pink is the new green any day now...

And because I have to cover her walls (I would leave furniture lay out the same) I did a little work on those too.  Finding artwork was not difficult at all. 

Finding artwork was not nearly as difficult.  I love the animal hooks I found (had to have a dog!)..but thought about these three instead:
On her bookshelf I would add some fun adventure books like Pippi Longstocking, Violet the Pilot, and The Paperbag Princess. This night light would have to go on one of the shelves!

Let's face it:  There is nothing cuter than little girl clothes.  Here is what I would choose to start her closet:

I hope y'all enjoyed this girly outdoor nursery!  Can't wait to work on the actual nursery!  One last thing I thought was funny, besides me working on a "campy themed nursery"..I would have to add it somewhere, so she'd always think about her Auntie Jenn!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Roads diverged in a wood...

Some exciting news around my house is that some friends are having their first baby.  And while it is much too early to share their fantastic news..I was feeling inspired.  I'm so excited to have this new little baby in our life.  I cried when I was told and I've cried more than once since.

I picked a camping theme which I think fits my favorite outdoorsy couple...I loved doing this little boys nursery so much...and since we don't know the gender why not do a girl version (a lot more challenging for me)...check back tomorrow for that one!
Here are the basics:

I love the green touches, but I think orange would have looked really good too.  I think any bold fun colors would look great as accents...yellow and red would be my choice.

I also love finding things for the walls:  I'm a big fan of gallery walls even though the execution of hanging each piece is terrifying!  Here are babys walls:
Most items are from Etsy!
Yes, I would put the gallery wall over the crib and I did it my own home.  Not everything has to be glass and heavy (those are felt arrows!)!  A few extra nails and screws and you should be safe.  The Chicago print is not the actual city I would use for this couple, but I didn't want to use their real city..which is available in these great colors!  Those field guides were my favorite.

On the changing table (& dresser in one!) wall shelves I would probably put some old tins to hold q tips and diaper cream and some fun family pics.  I couldn't resist adding an animal head, plus I think it is tall enough to balance out the height of the shelves beside it.

Every room needs a bookshelf and I would not only include books about Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Swiss Family Robinson, some more family pics (mom is quite the photographer), but also an iPod dock...I know, so 2014...but the iPod can play lullabies or white noise..but let's face it, with a newborn it's nice to know how often you are feeding that ferocious little bear with a clock (I know some people disagree).  I like this one from Houzz.  Kind of retro
Or this one that looks like a tree stump
From Shirwood Creations on Etsy
And since I'm a clothing girl, I couldn't resist hanging a few pieces in his virtual closet....

My friends did not give me any direction it was purely what I thought of when I thought of their baby.  That being said, this little nursery will more than likely not have any finished project pics, but whatever they choose will be fantastic I know!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What did you say?

While doing my usual nightly perusing on Pinterest, I found this picture
Chez Larsson

Unfortunately, her shop is closed now, but it got me thinking.  These were hole punched paper and layered with another color under.  They are fun, but I have no idea where my hole punch is and don't feel like looking.  Then they are framed.  You can use a dry erase marker on the glass and write yourself notes or whatever.

I thought these would be super cute to write down the things the kids say.  I can then transfer that to a more permanent spot when I'm not busy.  I want 3 (one for each kid).  I am going to put them in the kitchen (where I spend the majority of my time) and I will write down the funny things they say and do.  This will also make it much easier to tell their father what it was that Q, B, or C said that day.  I hate it when I can't remember!

Here are my three
I could have colored in the bubbles but I liked the white.  I was having a little bit of fun so I also did a blue one.

And then...I thought it could be cute for a nursery too. Maybe to keep track of weight or diaper changes or feedings. I don't know. Different babies have different needs. So I made one to go with my Bird Nursery:
Cute, simple & easy to use!  Sign me up!!  Best part is you can print it to any size you want!  Want one?  Leave me a comment with your color choice and I will send it to you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bird On A Wire

I am so excited.  For many reasons.  One of my friends is having a baby!  Her third girl!  And she asked me to help her with the nursery!  And she didn't want to use pink or purple!  But she did want to use birds!!!  Which is funny because I had just started a bird nursery board on pinterest, for a future little girl (not mine) that will have a vintage bird nursery.

Here is where we started:  Mom wants to use grey for the walls and incorporate blue, yellow, & pink.  The bumper (there is pink and white polka dot on the back side of the bumper!) and bedskirt had already been purchased.
"Molly" from Pottery Barn Kids

And the bedskirt which is pink gingham. She is also using the crib she used for the other two girls which is a honey colored wood. 

I have created my first design board online (using Picasa).  It was a challenge but hopefully I can perfect my style with a few more tries (I'm hoping to do a boys room soon with or without being asked by the mom!).

Let's go through the images (If you click on the image above it will make it bigger)!
A.  I'm not a huge fan of things to dust or buying things, just to buy them, but it never hurts to have a few little birdy trinkets to keep the theme alive!  This little felt bird from Cecily on Etsy.  Of course if you made it yourself, it wouldn't cost you anything!  It would be fun to use some of the fabric from the room.
B.  This cute little birds nest from Ezekiel Jewelry on Etsy made from hemp, would be cute on a side table to hold baby & mommy needs.
C.  These little birds (4") from Lisabees on Etsy are a cute little addition to the wall.  I think you can add some tiny cup hooks to hold towels or headbands or even a hanger.
D.  This mobile is adorable.  (Image from here)  Looks simple enough to make if you can do the birds.  Which again would be great to make with fabric from around the room.
E&F Are pretty prints from bomobob on Etsy.  They have all the colors mom wants to incorporate in the room (pink, yellow, & blue).  I also liked the ferris wheel, mom is from Jersey, it reminded me of the shore.  Nevermind that it's the wrong kind of seat, it's the idea!
G.  Paint color.  Valspar Chromium.  We used it in our last playroom and we used it in the playroom & kitchen in our current house. 
H.  Mom loves a gallery wall, but dad is an engineer and can't seem to embrace them.  They are tough.  However, mom already got all these fun frames from Hobby Lobby, so we are hoping to change dads mind!
K,L, M, N &O all fun little prints or paper art for gallery wall.  They are all over Etsy, you can find anything there and I'm sure if you didn't feel like making any of them yourself, the artist would be more than happy to make them in your colors!  (Sources:K, L, M, N, O)  Of course pictures of the big sisters would be included!  I think the big sisters would have fun putting together some of the paper bird pictures!  We did this silhouette in our nursery and it was a great thing for the boys to do to feel included!  Gallery walls can be fun.  I like incorporating all kinds of different things.
I &J.  Fabric.  Fabric.  Fabric.  I love these colorful little birds on white for curtains and pillows or maybe a bean bag (for the big sisters to lounge).  This polka dot is too cute.  Pink, white & polka dot.  I melt.  Plus, I think it would be fun to play off the pink & white polka dot on the other side of the bumper.  I would trim out the curtains with this and use it on the back of any pillows and for the little birds (either in the mobile or for a shelf sitter!)

And that my friends is our little bird nursery wrap up!  This post was all about the fluff  but what is the one (or more) things in your nursery you could not live without?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Listen to the music..

I'm so excited!  Lots of fun things happening here at Refresh & Repurpose.  Thankfully no one is making a living off this blog, because I've got more projects than time, which means no time for blogging, because I do have three children that insist on being fed?

We got a new over the sink pennant light but upon removal of the beautiful fluorescent there was no junction box....and since we have an active baby her naps are 3-4 hours, which means little to no noise (only because I like her to get as much sleep as she needs) and it was so beautiful outside Sunday that we spent all our time outside instead of putting up lights.  A project that should have taken 5 minutes will now take 5 days...maybe 5 weeks, depending on how late the hubs decides he needs to work.

On the fun side, since posting our Winter ONEderland party for Little Miss, I've been asked to help with a music party for a three year old friend and a blue nursery for a baby girl!

Little R is turning 3.  Mom and dad won a home music party so that will be her theme.  I love a theme.  It helps to keep the look cohesive.  Even if it's just a color.  Now granted, most of our hard work is lost on the under 5 set, but it's still fun.  So without further ado, here were my thoughts on a music party...trying to keep it simple.

The Invite
VIA Pinterest. Original source not in service anymore
I think these are fun and still easy to mail.  Backstage passes on lanyards are also a fun ticket like invite.

For decorations
This concert poster would be fun for an entry door.  Obviously, this works for an invite too, but Change the colors to match the invite and the wording...

I like this colorful music fabric.  It's true.  I love fabric and I can come up with a way to incorporate it into anything!

It's easy to make a table runner (no sewing) for the food table or throw it on the cake table or to cover any table!
I think you use instruments to hold food trays or even records.  But actual LPs would be totally lost on the kids...shoot depending on the ages of the parents, maybe on them too!

It's a late afternoon party (3 or 3:30) so no real food, but snacks and cake!  There is lots of candy (pop rocks, rock candy etc) out there for this type of party but I'm not a big fan of all the candy.  A plate of PB&J sandwiches cut into the shape of a guitar is small enough.  Cups of carrots/celery/cucumber strips with ranch in the bottom and the most popular pretzel rods, as drum sticks. 

Let's not forget about the cake!  A drum cake would be cute.  There are a ton of these out there on google images, but since it is a three year old, it would be nice to keep it, looking like an actual drum.

R's mom had a great idea of a CD full of his favorite music as a favor. I love it. Best favor ever. No candy and no junk to get thrown away! Creating a label is easy! I'm ready to throw a music party! How about you? If you have any extra ideas for this party mama, leave a comment, link or pictures!