Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What did you say?

While doing my usual nightly perusing on Pinterest, I found this picture
Chez Larsson

Unfortunately, her shop is closed now, but it got me thinking.  These were hole punched paper and layered with another color under.  They are fun, but I have no idea where my hole punch is and don't feel like looking.  Then they are framed.  You can use a dry erase marker on the glass and write yourself notes or whatever.

I thought these would be super cute to write down the things the kids say.  I can then transfer that to a more permanent spot when I'm not busy.  I want 3 (one for each kid).  I am going to put them in the kitchen (where I spend the majority of my time) and I will write down the funny things they say and do.  This will also make it much easier to tell their father what it was that Q, B, or C said that day.  I hate it when I can't remember!

Here are my three
I could have colored in the bubbles but I liked the white.  I was having a little bit of fun so I also did a blue one.

And then...I thought it could be cute for a nursery too. Maybe to keep track of weight or diaper changes or feedings. I don't know. Different babies have different needs. So I made one to go with my Bird Nursery:
Cute, simple & easy to use!  Sign me up!!  Best part is you can print it to any size you want!  Want one?  Leave me a comment with your color choice and I will send it to you!


  1. Love this! I would love two of the quote ones! THe ones you have pictured in orange and pink - could I have them in blue and green - or a yellow? they would match my kitchen! Sooooo cute! I will pin this so you get more interest, too!

    1. Thanks Michelle, these are coming your way! Best, Jennifer

  2. Hi! I would love one of the 3rd one on your list, the bright pink one. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for late reply! Send me your email, it will be on it's way!