Monday, December 17, 2012

Lucky #4

Is 4 your lucky number?  Mine is 7.  But Ashley Lucas, your lucky number is now 4!!  And go buy a lottery ticket because you are the winner of the Charles Emerson Designs Mabel necklace!

Congrats!  Email me your address for shipping!! 

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some new curtains!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ready. Aim.

Ready.  Aim.  Fire

It's Christmas time and it's time for giving.  I told you in this post I was planning a giveaway and here it is!  I'm teaming up with the talented Erin from Charles Emerson Designs and giving you something shiny! 

I love a big fun statement piece of jewelry when I have the time to focus on getting myself dressed in the morning.  However, I usually find a favorite piece that goes with everything and wear it day in and day out.  I'm giving you that perfect piece:  The Mabel

How cute is that?  Don't fret, if you aren't the winner you can still purchase it for $18!  Stella & Dot has one very similar for $49! 

Some other things you will see at Charles Emerson Designs,  The Lindsay that she can't even keep in stock!  It comes in three colors and is only...$38!!

I had to share The Ivy.  I KNOW you have seen similar ones at J Crew and a few other stores.  Not one of them had it for $28!!  Also available in 3 colors. 
To enter the giveaway leave a comment for each of the following (that's 3 chances per person!!):
  • Head over to Charles Emerson Designs come back and tell me which piece (or pieces!!) you hope Santa brings you.  There are rings, bracelets, & earrings as well!
  • "Like" Charles Emerson Designs on Facebook
  • Be a follower of Refresh & Repurpose (If you already do (thanks!), comment with that too)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

silver & GOLD

Sorry, you'll be singing that all day!

A week or so ago I gave you this post.  A sneak peek at something I thought was pretty exciting.  It's taken that long to get her finished.  Mostly due to letting her sit outside and let all the spray paint fumes disappear.  I don't need any of that inside!

Let's look at the before:

When I saw this piece at the Goodwill, I fell in love with those monkeys on the side.  But that blue & white just doesn't fit me or our home, so I knew it just needed a little spray paint.  I was thinking white.  Boring, but classic and I could put it anywhere.

I got some primer, because I knew it was going to take a lot to cover it up.  (Primer cheaper than color!)

That is after coat 3!  I was very happy with my decision to prime white first.  Also, gave me a glimpse as to what it would look like white.

My aunt (who could style a Goodwill to make you think you stepped into a Neimans) suggested gold.  I was immediately smitten and couldn't wait to get her painted.  Gold fits in our house as well as the blue & white, but I knew it would work.  Must be the holidays!

There she is waiting for her Christmas morning coffee.  I didn't bother to style with books or anything fancy.  I could barely get far enough away to take the picture before being photo bombed by an almost 1 year old!

Paint is Pure Gold by Rustoleum (Home Depot).  Lowes did not have a decent metallic gold paint?  Wierd but true.  

This gold post has perfect timing!  I'm working on a give away for you guys.  It's shiny!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Etsy Love

Or I could more appropriately title this I LOVE Etsy.  I do.

You can find anything on Etsy.  I shared my favorite Etsy stores for art and accessories (for your home or someone else's) on Thursday.  But today I wanted to share some of my favorites that are great for wearing (or gift giving, since it is, technically speaking,  gift giving season)

First up: This little clutch by Death & Texas.  Cute, right?!  Honestly, it had me at the ticking. 
A sail bag collection from Reiter 8.  I know they have been all the rage for the past couple of years, but this boat girl has always loved them.  A beach bag would make a great gift!  BTW, I love the contrasting red handles!  A luggage tag would be fun for a recent high school/college grad with a gift card inserted in the address slot!

I recently found Adams Blankie.  OMG, seriously?  Seriously.  I could have ordered one of everything.  All kinds of soft chiffony goodness with a little bit of bling.  Melt.  I'm thinking Little Miss needs one of those crowns/tiaras for her upcoming birthday!

Green Peridot has some beautiful pieces.  I like big fun pieces (when I have time to focus on getting dressed) but it's always nice to have "go to" pieces.

And I can't end this post without one really special one near and dear to my heart.  Ora Dale has unique one of a kind "handmade lovelies".  Check out Little Miss in her custom Ora Dale hat & head band.  We also have some custom (the boys favorite colors were used) dinosaur hats that rock!
There you go.  A quick wrap up of some of my favorite Etsy stores!  Happy shopping!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

More holiday shopping

I let you in on a new favorite of mine Mark & Graham by Pottery Barn.  There were some nice price points.  A one stop shopping kind of place.  However, another favorite place (and one stop shopping...kind of) is Etsy.  I wanted to include some of my favorite shops for you and maybe you can get some gifts marked off that list!

I have loved Sarah Jane Studios forever.  I mean forever and ever.  She even has a fabric line!  How fun are those prints?  Here are 3 of my favorites from her Etsy site.

I need these last 2 for the kids bath.  Super cute.  I love the muted colors and whimsical sketches.

 Another favorite for random items is High Street Market.  A fun site to visit.  Lots of older items waiting for a new home to enjoy.

This Lucite double stand would be fun for cupcakes or display!
 But this casserole dish.  With "bamboo" that's good stuff!

Pics and Paper has some really neat items.  Iron on transfers that you could put on a number of fabrics to make a throw pillow, table runner, dish towel, etc.

 Or artwork to hang!

 Another fave is Artgoodies.  Great stamped items.  I have been in love with this ring towel for ages and keep waiting to buy it for an engaged couple.  I think it's fun.  And if they don't, you only spent $18.
For some fun colorful personalized artwork, I love Adora Art.  This crab is by far my favorite.
And I shared about Libbie & Winston, another go to,  here.

So are you in the mood for shopping?  It's fun from your couch, isn't it?  What are your favorite Etsy stores?

I'll try to be back tomorrow with my favorites that are not house related.