Thursday, December 6, 2012

More holiday shopping

I let you in on a new favorite of mine Mark & Graham by Pottery Barn.  There were some nice price points.  A one stop shopping kind of place.  However, another favorite place (and one stop shopping...kind of) is Etsy.  I wanted to include some of my favorite shops for you and maybe you can get some gifts marked off that list!

I have loved Sarah Jane Studios forever.  I mean forever and ever.  She even has a fabric line!  How fun are those prints?  Here are 3 of my favorites from her Etsy site.

I need these last 2 for the kids bath.  Super cute.  I love the muted colors and whimsical sketches.

 Another favorite for random items is High Street Market.  A fun site to visit.  Lots of older items waiting for a new home to enjoy.

This Lucite double stand would be fun for cupcakes or display!
 But this casserole dish.  With "bamboo" that's good stuff!

Pics and Paper has some really neat items.  Iron on transfers that you could put on a number of fabrics to make a throw pillow, table runner, dish towel, etc.

 Or artwork to hang!

 Another fave is Artgoodies.  Great stamped items.  I have been in love with this ring towel for ages and keep waiting to buy it for an engaged couple.  I think it's fun.  And if they don't, you only spent $18.
For some fun colorful personalized artwork, I love Adora Art.  This crab is by far my favorite.
And I shared about Libbie & Winston, another go to,  here.

So are you in the mood for shopping?  It's fun from your couch, isn't it?  What are your favorite Etsy stores?

I'll try to be back tomorrow with my favorites that are not house related.

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