Monday, December 10, 2012

Etsy Love

Or I could more appropriately title this I LOVE Etsy.  I do.

You can find anything on Etsy.  I shared my favorite Etsy stores for art and accessories (for your home or someone else's) on Thursday.  But today I wanted to share some of my favorites that are great for wearing (or gift giving, since it is, technically speaking,  gift giving season)

First up: This little clutch by Death & Texas.  Cute, right?!  Honestly, it had me at the ticking. 
A sail bag collection from Reiter 8.  I know they have been all the rage for the past couple of years, but this boat girl has always loved them.  A beach bag would make a great gift!  BTW, I love the contrasting red handles!  A luggage tag would be fun for a recent high school/college grad with a gift card inserted in the address slot!

I recently found Adams Blankie.  OMG, seriously?  Seriously.  I could have ordered one of everything.  All kinds of soft chiffony goodness with a little bit of bling.  Melt.  I'm thinking Little Miss needs one of those crowns/tiaras for her upcoming birthday!

Green Peridot has some beautiful pieces.  I like big fun pieces (when I have time to focus on getting dressed) but it's always nice to have "go to" pieces.

And I can't end this post without one really special one near and dear to my heart.  Ora Dale has unique one of a kind "handmade lovelies".  Check out Little Miss in her custom Ora Dale hat & head band.  We also have some custom (the boys favorite colors were used) dinosaur hats that rock!
There you go.  A quick wrap up of some of my favorite Etsy stores!  Happy shopping!

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