Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goat for Sale

Well, actually, I'm not sure that it is.  Can you ask that the goat convey?


I've always noticed the goat on this roof.  But the house was never for sale.  Now it is.  And the goat is still on the roof.  (Although, it's usually dressed up, I think he is just wearing a hat right now.)  Winter is coming, they might want to add a scarf for the poor fella.

I've googled around for information but came up with some random stories like this one, but I'm not satisfied.  Why would you stage your house and leave a goat on the roof?  I'm a little confused as to why anyone would have a goat on their roof in the first place, but to each their own. 

Any Richmond readers know?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blank Slate

I have a big open space in the kitchen screaming for something.
But as you can tell there are a few things that are in the way.  The alarm panel, a receptacle, and a phone jack (which can be covered, it's not used).  The box at the top of the wall is a recessed receptacle.  It's the only thing up to date about this house!

I thought about some open shelving.  I know I am the only person in the world that is not super crazy about it.  My kitchen is not very big and is super busy.  There is a lot going on in there and I feel that open shelving is just more busy.  And I have a lot of cabinet space to put everything away (& out of sight).  No visual noise.  I thought it would be nice for my cookbooks and a nice bowl or platter and a picture or two.  Just two shelves.  First one would be JUST above the alarm box.

I thought about a bulletin board/message center.  Taking all that off my fridge (birthday party invites, notes to be signed, RSVPs, Wedding invites, random family pics, a dinner coupon etc)  And, again, unlike everyone else, I don't like chalkboards.  They are just too dusty.  My boys would want to play with it all the time and it's supposed to be for a purpose which would then annoy me because, I'd never be able to find a piece of chalk and they would erase what ever memos I had written to myself. 

Then there is always some art.  I could always find something some where to go about the alarm panel.

Hmmm, what would you do if a friend asked you (Anyone else read lots of Cat in the Hat?!).

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adding some Chrom(ium) in the kitchen

The kitchen isn't done but it's no longer tan/beige/khaki boring flat paint!  Introducing Chromium, by Valspar.

I had a set back when cutting in I noticed the paint had some gloppy things in it.  Which means I had to get to Lowes before rolling.  And with 3 little helpers (1 has a double ear infection) I wasn't getting there soon. 

Today we made it out and tonight I rolled.  I'm sure it will need another coat, and there is some ceiling touch ups to do along with painting the tounge and groove (white satin) and let's not forget (but I'd rather) painting the trim (bright glossy white).

Straining the gloppy out of the paint

Above the kitchen sink.  Nightime lighting is terrible.
A corner (it's wet so don't mind the 2 tone look)
I LOVE this color.  It changes all the time with the lighting.  It's not too grey, not too blue.  Again, I love satin, especially in a kitchen.  (We also used this color in the playroom & the playroom at our old house.)  It's so easy to clean up!  Maybe one day I'll go back to eggshell in these spaces, but for now, I have 60 fingers covered in something sticky, messy, gooey at all times.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knock Knock

Knock Knock
                                                                    Who's there?
                                                                    P Diddy.

Source  Looking dapper Mr. Combs
Notice no one said "P Diddy who"

Wouldn't that be awesome (or is that just me?)

Anyway, he may not knock on your door, but now you can knock on his.  His NY city "apartment" is for sale.  Pretty sure it doesn't look like any apartment I ever lived in. 

Anyone up for a road trip?  Anyone?  Lanka?  Come on, it's Diddy!

I love any excuse to sneak a peek in a house, but a celebrity house would take the cake!

Monday, October 15, 2012

We interrupt this kitchen makeover for...

We interrupt this kitchen paint makeover for some good ole fashion October fun.

I'm not going to lie.  I'm done priming, but I haven't even cut in the color yet.  I'm one of those.  Cut in and then roll.  I don't understand why people do it the other way around.  If you are please explain your theory.  Honestly, I'd like to know.  And I will add that I have done a bit more prepping.  Sanding (big time) some doors and trim.  I am finally ready to cut in but, Little Miss has been up all night with a double ear infection (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights).  However, she is on meds and should be feeling better soon.

But, I don't feel bad about not painting because this is what we chose to do instead.  Be warned:  it's photo heavy, but Grandma will be happy!

We headed out to the pumpkin patch where we waited for an hour before we even got thru the gates.

 Our cousins joined us, where it helped pass the time and was a great opportunity to take some pics!
Little Miss with local celebrity Shelly Perkins! 
I don't hug all celebrities, just the ones, I happen to be related to!  I know, lucky me!

Happy boys = Happy mama
Little Miss liked the straw.  She couldn't stop playing with it.

 Back home and still being silly
 Pumpkin carving time!
 Serious stuff

 Then some tree climbing time!
Happy Fall Y'all!  Think that cutting in is goign to have to wait...I've got to get the dust off of me!

Friday, October 12, 2012

To Paint or not to Paint

To paint or not to paint?  That is my question for you!

Kitchen soffit.  Paint it the wall color or ceiling color?  The Mr and I are on two different sides.

And if you are interested in that beauty of a light fixture, it can be yours!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why? Oh why?

Did you see my One Word Wednesday, yesterday?

Why do I insist on buying homes with wallpaper?

This was worse because it had been painted over.  But when we went to do some kitchen updates, some of the wall paper tore.  And I couldn't resist picking and pulling at it.  Two layers of it.

 And then my husband decided to do some searching on wallpaper.  We learned all kinds of things about asbestos and wallpaper.  Oh boy. Good thing I hadn't gotten too crazy in there.  I hadn't planned on removing any.  Which is surprising since I believe if you are going to do it, do it right.  Which means REMOVE that wallpaper.  

I hate the prep work to paint.  When they put down the shoe molding they didn't cover the nail holes or caulk between it and the cabinets.  Lazy.  Thanks for making it my job.  As if I didn't have enough to do.
So now I have sanded, spackled, sanded and caulked.  Some what.  And...why did I insist on changing the color?  There is nothing wrong with the "khaki" color it is.  Although, it is flat paint.  Yuck.  Not only do I hate flat paint, I REALLY hate it in the kitchen!  Soooo, I figured I might as well change the color if I'm going to paint.  Our trim isn't exactly bright white either.  I LOVE bright white trim.  If I was really trying to be a super hero, I would actually change out the trim.  The previous owners seem to have had a dog with separation issues.  Or something that liked to scratch at it.  Doors too.

I'm looking forward to priming tomorrow.  Who knows how long all this will take.  Shouldn't take long considering I have 3 little helpers!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Word Wednesday


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RIP Stainless

Really?  Do you think?  Is it true?  Stainless is, dare I say it, dead?

Whirlpool seems to think so.  This picture from, Whirlpool is their new streamlined White Ice finish.
I don't necessarily agree that stainless is a thing of the past.  I still love the sleek, clean look.  However, we did buy white a year ago.  (Stainless just wouldn't go in this kitchen.)  I wanted textured because I know the little hands in my house would LOVE to scratch up a nice new smooth white fridge!  It was actually hard to find the textured.  I guess this was the beginning of the end?

What are your thoughts?  Are you on Team Stainless Steel still?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up-Wreath Chronicles

Awhile ago when my BFF was in town we made some  hair bows and wreaths.   I started this wreath making weekend by creating a wreath board on my pinterest page . That way she could choose what we were going to do and I could gather supplies before she got here.  She chose this Halloween one:
Originally from Jamie at Something To Do. This is her picture and the wreath is so pretty and full and perfect.

Before Kelly arrived, I read Jamies tutorial and of course got to work deciding how we would make ours.  Maybe Jamie is like me and knows there are a gazillion tutorials for anything you want to make and she didn't feel like writing another one.  I certainly wouldn't blame her!  I didn't know what size hoop she used or if she used all of that 12 yards of tulle she bought. 

Here is my brief tutorial: I bought 1 10" wooden embroidery hoop (however, if you look closely at Jamies embroidery hoop, I doubt it's 10"...oops, you will see why this mattered...keep reading) for $1.59 (now I had 2 wreath forms!) and 12 yards of black tulle from Hobby Lobby for $3.99.  While I was casually perusing busting butt to get through there with my 3 children, I wasn't thinking and only bought one roll.  Another day was I was in Hancock Fabric and they had shiny black tulle!  How fun!!  10 yards for $3.99.  I spray painted my embroidery hoops black for any see thru.

When Kelly got here we were ready to get down to business..there may have been some wine involved.  
I wrapped a piece of tulle around for measurement and landed on 14" for cutting the pieces. Why 14"? Why not? This stuff was full of glitter...By the end of cutting we looked like 2 teenagers that had been to see New Kids on the Block Big Time Rush.

We got to wrapping.  Alternating 1 piece of black sorta glittery  and 1 really glittery piece of tulle.  When we were done with 24 yards of tulle this is what our wreaths looked like
Oops! That word comes up a lot. Don't fret. We made our way back to Hobby Lobby and Hancock. 2 more sorta glittery and 2 more really glittery. We came back, cut and started wrapping again... We used alllllll the tulle. But we were really pleased with how they turned out! Thanks Jamie for your inspiration!

Our totals were 36 yards of sorta glittery and 30 yards of really glittery (of course you would not need this much depending on how big your hoop was or how big your tutu is). 1 black embroidery hoop. A tiny bit of black spray paint. A few feet of orange satin ribbon. A couple of hours and a bottle of wine....WITH your BFF.  Life doesn't get much better!

I plan on making one similar for our big celebration in December.  Little Miss turns 1!  Stay tuned!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keepin it real (crooked)

First, I have 9 followers.  9!  Welcome!  I only  know 3 personally.  Only 3!  I have 12 on my family blog, but I've left them high and dry as I tackle projects over here.  I'll try not to do that to you.  I've got a list of projects a mile long as I try to make this house a home.

I wish I could just bury this project but I was so intent on getting it done that I feel I had to share.  This is what I call keeping it real..

I started here with this post about needing  window inspiration & motivation.  I got started and finally finished.  I'll make this short and post pictures for your entertainment.  Bottom line is I used the shower curtain hem for my hem thinking that it would be even and I could do less measuring, cutting and sewing.  (I always use fabric so I have never had this happen.)

Opps!  Perhaps, I should have done a little more measuring, cutting and sewing!  Unfortunately, I sewed the dowel rod pockets on the back and they ARE level.  It doesn't look too bad up, but down it looks terrible.   One day I may change it, but as long as we are keeping things real...I doubt it will happen.

Lesson learned. I will be making my own hems from now on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Word Wednesday


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


*Disclaimer: Keep in mind this was for a rental house at the beach.  My personal house isn't covered in one "type" of art.  Which is fine, I just happen to like a little more variety.

Big impact.  Little money.  We all like that right?  Well, many of us do.  If not Pinterest would not exist.  It does.  In a huge life changing way.  Back to the art work.

I started by sharing this post & this picture of my Salvation Army frame score:
Some of the projects I shared with you:
3tier hanging frame.  Total project $1.25
And the mirror:  Total project $5.25

And then I did a few, too simple, to even blog about (I know, the above were stretching it!)  I edited the two pics on right because I don't have the original source.  Another reason for not doing a whole post.
I am in LOVE with this sea horse.  The colors are so vibrant and simple.  I need to make another one for my house.  I have no idea where to put it, but have no fear, I will find one!  Chevron wrapping paper (which I need for another project and I have been SEARCHING for (and even bought fabric, and wouldn't you know it...Target.  Clearance!  YES!) and stationary which I already had!

These next two were a favorite of mine to finish.  I love the art & color in them.  I thought for sure I'd be painting those "pretty" gold frames.  But after deciding what to do with the mats (because they HAD to be painted) I thought the gold would be best.  I am soooo glad I did.  I LOVE them as well.  Again, I don't have the original source, so I didn't feel right doing a whole post with pictures posted again and again of something I can't credit.  I did have to get their artwork blown up $.50 for each piece.  I had to give you a before close up of the beautiful mats!  The painted mats are a little distorted only in the picture thanks to editing!
The Top mat I painted white and the bottom one some aqua/turquoise I had laying around!
Here is the Salvation Army loot after:

Then there was the 9 blue canvases.  $15.42 for 9 sqft of art!  A STEAL!

And the "Where's the Beef Beach" post about this sign: Which cost a whopping $7.50
Lastly there was yesterdays post about Coral for $18.00.
The big HUGE total for 20 pieces of beach house art: $68.67!  I challenge you to do match that.  Seriously, I'd love to see what you create.  I have some very talented new followers!

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