Monday, October 22, 2012

Blank Slate

I have a big open space in the kitchen screaming for something.
But as you can tell there are a few things that are in the way.  The alarm panel, a receptacle, and a phone jack (which can be covered, it's not used).  The box at the top of the wall is a recessed receptacle.  It's the only thing up to date about this house!

I thought about some open shelving.  I know I am the only person in the world that is not super crazy about it.  My kitchen is not very big and is super busy.  There is a lot going on in there and I feel that open shelving is just more busy.  And I have a lot of cabinet space to put everything away (& out of sight).  No visual noise.  I thought it would be nice for my cookbooks and a nice bowl or platter and a picture or two.  Just two shelves.  First one would be JUST above the alarm box.

I thought about a bulletin board/message center.  Taking all that off my fridge (birthday party invites, notes to be signed, RSVPs, Wedding invites, random family pics, a dinner coupon etc)  And, again, unlike everyone else, I don't like chalkboards.  They are just too dusty.  My boys would want to play with it all the time and it's supposed to be for a purpose which would then annoy me because, I'd never be able to find a piece of chalk and they would erase what ever memos I had written to myself. 

Then there is always some art.  I could always find something some where to go about the alarm panel.

Hmmm, what would you do if a friend asked you (Anyone else read lots of Cat in the Hat?!).

Thought I'd post for some other "expert" advice!  Linking up with  Coastal Charm, A2Z  Savvy Southern StyleThe Thrifty Home & House of Hepworths


  1. I am in the process of decluttering so I hear you! A hutch top with glass doors might solve your shelving/styling problem, but I would go with open shelves, sparingly accessorized, but with some nicely carved corbels as shelf brackets. You could even enclose the sides and top to make a free floating hutch top, if you get my idea. You could make this a display area for the seasons or kitchen collections. Google Images has tons of photos, you could find inspiration there. Good luck!

    1. Now there's something I hadn't thought of...enclosing it! Thanks Ann, for commenting! I appreciate it! Good luck on decluttering!

  2. You know what I think would be fun? Though not as useful...

    I think you should get different picture frames and cover that whole section of wall, including getting different sized frames for around your alarm panel, etc. After each of your eyesores has a frame around it, add more- pictures of old family picnics, birthday parties with babies eating their first piece of cake, anything centered around family/friends/food! A treasured picture of a past Thanksgiving dinner? Pics of your mom, grandma, aunt, anyone you love in the kitchen or cooking. Pics of the kids making cookies???

    Just an idea.

    ps- here's a link for the frame idea for your alarm panel or whatever else...

  3. Now that is a cute family does like food! And it would be a great way to get some of the pics off the bookshelf and up (although I don't think any are food?!) Will have to check out the link! Thanks!! XO