Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why? Oh why?

Did you see my One Word Wednesday, yesterday?

Why do I insist on buying homes with wallpaper?

This was worse because it had been painted over.  But when we went to do some kitchen updates, some of the wall paper tore.  And I couldn't resist picking and pulling at it.  Two layers of it.

 And then my husband decided to do some searching on wallpaper.  We learned all kinds of things about asbestos and wallpaper.  Oh boy. Good thing I hadn't gotten too crazy in there.  I hadn't planned on removing any.  Which is surprising since I believe if you are going to do it, do it right.  Which means REMOVE that wallpaper.  

I hate the prep work to paint.  When they put down the shoe molding they didn't cover the nail holes or caulk between it and the cabinets.  Lazy.  Thanks for making it my job.  As if I didn't have enough to do.
So now I have sanded, spackled, sanded and caulked.  Some what.  And...why did I insist on changing the color?  There is nothing wrong with the "khaki" color it is.  Although, it is flat paint.  Yuck.  Not only do I hate flat paint, I REALLY hate it in the kitchen!  Soooo, I figured I might as well change the color if I'm going to paint.  Our trim isn't exactly bright white either.  I LOVE bright white trim.  If I was really trying to be a super hero, I would actually change out the trim.  The previous owners seem to have had a dog with separation issues.  Or something that liked to scratch at it.  Doors too.

I'm looking forward to priming tomorrow.  Who knows how long all this will take.  Shouldn't take long considering I have 3 little helpers!

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