Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up-Wreath Chronicles

Awhile ago when my BFF was in town we made some  hair bows and wreaths.   I started this wreath making weekend by creating a wreath board on my pinterest page . That way she could choose what we were going to do and I could gather supplies before she got here.  She chose this Halloween one:
Originally from Jamie at Something To Do. This is her picture and the wreath is so pretty and full and perfect.

Before Kelly arrived, I read Jamies tutorial and of course got to work deciding how we would make ours.  Maybe Jamie is like me and knows there are a gazillion tutorials for anything you want to make and she didn't feel like writing another one.  I certainly wouldn't blame her!  I didn't know what size hoop she used or if she used all of that 12 yards of tulle she bought. 

Here is my brief tutorial: I bought 1 10" wooden embroidery hoop (however, if you look closely at Jamies embroidery hoop, I doubt it's 10"...oops, you will see why this mattered...keep reading) for $1.59 (now I had 2 wreath forms!) and 12 yards of black tulle from Hobby Lobby for $3.99.  While I was casually perusing busting butt to get through there with my 3 children, I wasn't thinking and only bought one roll.  Another day was I was in Hancock Fabric and they had shiny black tulle!  How fun!!  10 yards for $3.99.  I spray painted my embroidery hoops black for any see thru.

When Kelly got here we were ready to get down to business..there may have been some wine involved.  
I wrapped a piece of tulle around for measurement and landed on 14" for cutting the pieces. Why 14"? Why not? This stuff was full of glitter...By the end of cutting we looked like 2 teenagers that had been to see New Kids on the Block Big Time Rush.

We got to wrapping.  Alternating 1 piece of black sorta glittery  and 1 really glittery piece of tulle.  When we were done with 24 yards of tulle this is what our wreaths looked like
Oops! That word comes up a lot. Don't fret. We made our way back to Hobby Lobby and Hancock. 2 more sorta glittery and 2 more really glittery. We came back, cut and started wrapping again... We used alllllll the tulle. But we were really pleased with how they turned out! Thanks Jamie for your inspiration!

Our totals were 36 yards of sorta glittery and 30 yards of really glittery (of course you would not need this much depending on how big your hoop was or how big your tutu is). 1 black embroidery hoop. A tiny bit of black spray paint. A few feet of orange satin ribbon. A couple of hours and a bottle of wine....WITH your BFF.  Life doesn't get much better!

I plan on making one similar for our big celebration in December.  Little Miss turns 1!  Stay tuned!

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