Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adding some Chrom(ium) in the kitchen

The kitchen isn't done but it's no longer tan/beige/khaki boring flat paint!  Introducing Chromium, by Valspar.

I had a set back when cutting in I noticed the paint had some gloppy things in it.  Which means I had to get to Lowes before rolling.  And with 3 little helpers (1 has a double ear infection) I wasn't getting there soon. 

Today we made it out and tonight I rolled.  I'm sure it will need another coat, and there is some ceiling touch ups to do along with painting the tounge and groove (white satin) and let's not forget (but I'd rather) painting the trim (bright glossy white).

Straining the gloppy out of the paint

Above the kitchen sink.  Nightime lighting is terrible.
A corner (it's wet so don't mind the 2 tone look)
I LOVE this color.  It changes all the time with the lighting.  It's not too grey, not too blue.  Again, I love satin, especially in a kitchen.  (We also used this color in the playroom & the playroom at our old house.)  It's so easy to clean up!  Maybe one day I'll go back to eggshell in these spaces, but for now, I have 60 fingers covered in something sticky, messy, gooey at all times.

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