Tuesday, October 2, 2012


*Disclaimer: Keep in mind this was for a rental house at the beach.  My personal house isn't covered in one "type" of art.  Which is fine, I just happen to like a little more variety.

Big impact.  Little money.  We all like that right?  Well, many of us do.  If not Pinterest would not exist.  It does.  In a huge life changing way.  Back to the art work.

I started by sharing this post & this picture of my Salvation Army frame score:
Some of the projects I shared with you:
3tier hanging frame.  Total project $1.25
And the mirror:  Total project $5.25

And then I did a few, too simple, to even blog about (I know, the above were stretching it!)  I edited the two pics on right because I don't have the original source.  Another reason for not doing a whole post.
I am in LOVE with this sea horse.  The colors are so vibrant and simple.  I need to make another one for my house.  I have no idea where to put it, but have no fear, I will find one!  Chevron wrapping paper (which I need for another project and I have been SEARCHING for (and even bought fabric, and wouldn't you know it...Target.  Clearance!  YES!) and stationary which I already had!

These next two were a favorite of mine to finish.  I love the art & color in them.  I thought for sure I'd be painting those "pretty" gold frames.  But after deciding what to do with the mats (because they HAD to be painted) I thought the gold would be best.  I am soooo glad I did.  I LOVE them as well.  Again, I don't have the original source, so I didn't feel right doing a whole post with pictures posted again and again of something I can't credit.  I did have to get their artwork blown up $.50 for each piece.  I had to give you a before close up of the beautiful mats!  The painted mats are a little distorted only in the picture thanks to editing!
The Top mat I painted white and the bottom one some aqua/turquoise I had laying around!
Here is the Salvation Army loot after:

Then there was the 9 blue canvases.  $15.42 for 9 sqft of art!  A STEAL!

And the "Where's the Beef Beach" post about this sign: Which cost a whopping $7.50
Lastly there was yesterdays post about Coral for $18.00.
The big HUGE total for 20 pieces of beach house art: $68.67!  I challenge you to do match that.  Seriously, I'd love to see what you create.  I have some very talented new followers!

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