Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keepin it real (crooked)

First, I have 9 followers.  9!  Welcome!  I only  know 3 personally.  Only 3!  I have 12 on my family blog, but I've left them high and dry as I tackle projects over here.  I'll try not to do that to you.  I've got a list of projects a mile long as I try to make this house a home.

I wish I could just bury this project but I was so intent on getting it done that I feel I had to share.  This is what I call keeping it real..

I started here with this post about needing  window inspiration & motivation.  I got started and finally finished.  I'll make this short and post pictures for your entertainment.  Bottom line is I used the shower curtain hem for my hem thinking that it would be even and I could do less measuring, cutting and sewing.  (I always use fabric so I have never had this happen.)

Opps!  Perhaps, I should have done a little more measuring, cutting and sewing!  Unfortunately, I sewed the dowel rod pockets on the back and they ARE level.  It doesn't look too bad up, but down it looks terrible.   One day I may change it, but as long as we are keeping things real...I doubt it will happen.

Lesson learned. I will be making my own hems from now on!

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