Monday, January 21, 2013

Listen to the music..

I'm so excited!  Lots of fun things happening here at Refresh & Repurpose.  Thankfully no one is making a living off this blog, because I've got more projects than time, which means no time for blogging, because I do have three children that insist on being fed?

We got a new over the sink pennant light but upon removal of the beautiful fluorescent there was no junction box....and since we have an active baby her naps are 3-4 hours, which means little to no noise (only because I like her to get as much sleep as she needs) and it was so beautiful outside Sunday that we spent all our time outside instead of putting up lights.  A project that should have taken 5 minutes will now take 5 days...maybe 5 weeks, depending on how late the hubs decides he needs to work.

On the fun side, since posting our Winter ONEderland party for Little Miss, I've been asked to help with a music party for a three year old friend and a blue nursery for a baby girl!

Little R is turning 3.  Mom and dad won a home music party so that will be her theme.  I love a theme.  It helps to keep the look cohesive.  Even if it's just a color.  Now granted, most of our hard work is lost on the under 5 set, but it's still fun.  So without further ado, here were my thoughts on a music party...trying to keep it simple.

The Invite
VIA Pinterest. Original source not in service anymore
I think these are fun and still easy to mail.  Backstage passes on lanyards are also a fun ticket like invite.

For decorations
This concert poster would be fun for an entry door.  Obviously, this works for an invite too, but Change the colors to match the invite and the wording...

I like this colorful music fabric.  It's true.  I love fabric and I can come up with a way to incorporate it into anything!

It's easy to make a table runner (no sewing) for the food table or throw it on the cake table or to cover any table!
I think you use instruments to hold food trays or even records.  But actual LPs would be totally lost on the kids...shoot depending on the ages of the parents, maybe on them too!

It's a late afternoon party (3 or 3:30) so no real food, but snacks and cake!  There is lots of candy (pop rocks, rock candy etc) out there for this type of party but I'm not a big fan of all the candy.  A plate of PB&J sandwiches cut into the shape of a guitar is small enough.  Cups of carrots/celery/cucumber strips with ranch in the bottom and the most popular pretzel rods, as drum sticks. 

Let's not forget about the cake!  A drum cake would be cute.  There are a ton of these out there on google images, but since it is a three year old, it would be nice to keep it, looking like an actual drum.

R's mom had a great idea of a CD full of his favorite music as a favor. I love it. Best favor ever. No candy and no junk to get thrown away! Creating a label is easy! I'm ready to throw a music party! How about you? If you have any extra ideas for this party mama, leave a comment, link or pictures!

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