Monday, January 28, 2013

Bird On A Wire

I am so excited.  For many reasons.  One of my friends is having a baby!  Her third girl!  And she asked me to help her with the nursery!  And she didn't want to use pink or purple!  But she did want to use birds!!!  Which is funny because I had just started a bird nursery board on pinterest, for a future little girl (not mine) that will have a vintage bird nursery.

Here is where we started:  Mom wants to use grey for the walls and incorporate blue, yellow, & pink.  The bumper (there is pink and white polka dot on the back side of the bumper!) and bedskirt had already been purchased.
"Molly" from Pottery Barn Kids

And the bedskirt which is pink gingham. She is also using the crib she used for the other two girls which is a honey colored wood. 

I have created my first design board online (using Picasa).  It was a challenge but hopefully I can perfect my style with a few more tries (I'm hoping to do a boys room soon with or without being asked by the mom!).

Let's go through the images (If you click on the image above it will make it bigger)!
A.  I'm not a huge fan of things to dust or buying things, just to buy them, but it never hurts to have a few little birdy trinkets to keep the theme alive!  This little felt bird from Cecily on Etsy.  Of course if you made it yourself, it wouldn't cost you anything!  It would be fun to use some of the fabric from the room.
B.  This cute little birds nest from Ezekiel Jewelry on Etsy made from hemp, would be cute on a side table to hold baby & mommy needs.
C.  These little birds (4") from Lisabees on Etsy are a cute little addition to the wall.  I think you can add some tiny cup hooks to hold towels or headbands or even a hanger.
D.  This mobile is adorable.  (Image from here)  Looks simple enough to make if you can do the birds.  Which again would be great to make with fabric from around the room.
E&F Are pretty prints from bomobob on Etsy.  They have all the colors mom wants to incorporate in the room (pink, yellow, & blue).  I also liked the ferris wheel, mom is from Jersey, it reminded me of the shore.  Nevermind that it's the wrong kind of seat, it's the idea!
G.  Paint color.  Valspar Chromium.  We used it in our last playroom and we used it in the playroom & kitchen in our current house. 
H.  Mom loves a gallery wall, but dad is an engineer and can't seem to embrace them.  They are tough.  However, mom already got all these fun frames from Hobby Lobby, so we are hoping to change dads mind!
K,L, M, N &O all fun little prints or paper art for gallery wall.  They are all over Etsy, you can find anything there and I'm sure if you didn't feel like making any of them yourself, the artist would be more than happy to make them in your colors!  (Sources:K, L, M, N, O)  Of course pictures of the big sisters would be included!  I think the big sisters would have fun putting together some of the paper bird pictures!  We did this silhouette in our nursery and it was a great thing for the boys to do to feel included!  Gallery walls can be fun.  I like incorporating all kinds of different things.
I &J.  Fabric.  Fabric.  Fabric.  I love these colorful little birds on white for curtains and pillows or maybe a bean bag (for the big sisters to lounge).  This polka dot is too cute.  Pink, white & polka dot.  I melt.  Plus, I think it would be fun to play off the pink & white polka dot on the other side of the bumper.  I would trim out the curtains with this and use it on the back of any pillows and for the little birds (either in the mobile or for a shelf sitter!)

And that my friends is our little bird nursery wrap up!  This post was all about the fluff  but what is the one (or more) things in your nursery you could not live without?

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