Thursday, November 7, 2013

Banishing the Brick!

I posted before Halloween about the playroom fireplace.  It was plain brick and boring and it's been on the to do list for awhile now.  I had a dilema though.  The hubs wanted to pain it white and I wanted to paint it a darker shade of the wall color (Chromium by Valspar)

Here is the before:

It was dirty and I googled ways to clean the brick just to make sure there wasn't anything too crazy that I was supposed to do.  Nope.  Some scrubbing bubbles, a brush, and a bucket of water.  I scrubbed it pretty good and the changed the dirty water frequently but I didn't notice a huge difference.  However, I'm sure my paint stuck better to a clean surface.
I'm a huge fan of priming.  I prime everything.  It takes my project longer to be completed, but I think it's a step that is totally worth while.  Plus priming always gives me an idea of what the item would look like white.
Here it is primed.  It was this step that I knew I was not going to like the white.  
The hubs and I compromised on the wall color.  I really thought I was going to like the dark but if it looked awful, I would have had to eat that argument and I didn't feel like doing that.   I also thought the wall color would be "fine".  Why don't they ever see our vision?  SO wall color it was.  I went and got it's own quart ($13) to make sure I didn't run out.
It honestly was the same color and same finish (I touched up the walls!), but looked really baby blue (two coats).  I did not like it but it took me a couple of days to tell Chad.  Who also didn't like it!  Woot!  Back to Lowes.  I found a darker grey in the same family and had them try to match.  They couldn't, but I didn't need anything specific, just a darker tint to that color.  So needless to say the final product does not have a name.  I was worried about it screaming "I'm a fireplace" but it is what it is.  Two coats later, I love it and maybe one day I'll style it.
 I also painted the "hearth" black oil based high heat resistant black matte.
I hope that when brick fireplaces come back, I'm not in this house, because that is going to be impossible to get back!

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