Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up..Buh Bye Now

Our playroom has a brick fireplace.  We had the room painted when we moved in, but weren't real sure what we wanted to do with the brick.  It's not a pretty brick.  Just regular old red clay brick.  I will say here that we don't use this fireplace.  One days we'd love to put gas longs in there but with three littles, I'm not real keen on the idea of anything hot.  I also have a dream picture of what I would want for a fireplace but until we actually use it, and it's not hidden from toys the room changes function there is no reason to spend all that money.

However, it's almost been three years...and I was recently left alone for the night.  So what's a girl (that can't drive and couldn't go anywhere anyway because I had two sick kids) to on a new project of course!  What I did know is that a white mantle was a definite and the hearth part will be black.  I spent five minutes on pic monkey putting those ideas on paper:

My first thought was white.  That is the easiest.  Also very predictable.  But very clean and fresh.  After priming, I was not sold on the white.  This is what the hubs liked.
Then there is the same color as the walls option.  It would blend in better.
I found lots of painted fireplaces on pinterest, mostly darker.  This is where I was leaning.

But there is also the distressed look that I like but this might be too busy for this already very busy room.

So I sent around an email for some thoughts and opinions...What did I end up doing?  You'll have to come back and see!

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  1. I am liking that dark grey! Can't wait to see what you decided. What a great play space.