Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up-Artwork

I promised you (well at least I promised my gma & mom) on Friday some completed artwork today.

Big wall, over the couch art.  6+sq ft for $12.00.  It is super hard to find over the couch art.  I know this because I am currently looking for some!  I find it all

So here is some that is hopefully unexpected and won't break the bank.
What you need: 6 12x12 canvas (7 pack from Michaels $19.99-40% off coupon= $12), 1 old calendar, 1 pail sample paint (Sherwin-Williams Blue Reef), spray adhesive, and mod podge.  Of course you will need a paint brush or 2 and if you are lucky like me you'll get help from a super cute 3yo assistant!

The calendar I used was from 2000.  There wasn't much on it.  Except my first & only Bay to Breakers,  my interview in Boston, my brothers wedding, & my last day in San Fran.  It was a good year!  The calendar is a staple gift every year (thanks Nina).  12 months of beautiful artwork and yummy recipes (of which I have only tried a few?!)
 If you can find some conch, here is a recipe for conch burgers!  Mmmmmm (But really, I love the colors on this month)

After trimming off the white edges, we (my assistant & I) painted the edges of 9 canvases (3 will go elsewhere, but 9 would be a great number to use over your couch as well, giving you more artwork for only a few dollars more!)  We painted them with that sample paint I had from another project.

After that dried, I sprayed the backs of the calendar with some spray adhesive (already owned!) and applied them to the canvas.  It takes a few minutes to stick so you have a little time to peel back if you don't like your placement!  I then flipped them over and added some pressure from the under side to make sure it was secure.

I let that dry and my final step was to add some mod podge (already owned but will have to be added to the next project budget since we are now out!) for a little protection!

And that is how you repurpose an old calendar full of beautiful pictures and get 6+ (add spaces between the canvas) sq ft of over the couch art!  Easy!

What do you do with your old calendars?

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