Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach House needs Beach Glass

This is by far the easiest project I have ever done.  I can't believe I am going to give you a post dedicated to just this.  But I am.  Because I don't feel well.  So it happens to be a great day for this post!

Remember this little frame trio?  $1.29  Perfect for a house at the beach!  But it's boring.
 I was just going to add some cute scrapbook paper, but that would have made this little project way too easy.  Like Kristen Stewart easy.  My mother who swears she doesn't have a creative bone in her body (but so totally does!!) wanted to use sea glass.  Which sounded great but didn't want to buy a bag for 3 pieces.  This is wear those "Craft drawers/bins" in your house can come in handy!  I happened to have some. I had some burlap, that I cute to fit the backing.  I used spray adhesive to keep it in place.  Threw away the plastic photo cover.  Put the burlap covered backing back in the frame.  Broke out the glue gun.....
 and hot glued some glass to the burlap!  Super easy.  Super cheap ($1.29)!  (I think) it's super cute.  Definitely beachy!  Exactly what we were looking for!
 It's also small enough that you can find a place for it.  It can go anywhere.
I believe that may be the easiest and cheapest project I've ever done.  That is what I would call a successful refreshrepurpose!

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