Monday, September 3, 2012

Dresser with a job

I gave you a sneak peek on a dresser I was working on here. My grandmother had this dresser in her basement and didn't need it anymore. She said it didn't work very well, so we thought we would keep it in our basement for tools and what not. Because we certainly didn't need another my husband thinks.
Then things changed in the bedroom. Eww, really, my mom reads this, get your mind out of the gutter. The hubs (who THOUGHT we didn't need another dresser, why oh why, were we going to keep this one?) got a flatscreen. The blue was not my color. And you know I couldn't leave it alone. So, I sanded
And, I actually liked what I was seeing...wood was painted green, was painted blue, so I was getting some great color and a little blue green mix! However, I kept going. I primed, because I believe in priming. (Almost) everything should be primed before painting.
I painted (I chose a nice neutral pale grey blue, since our master bedroom is still untouched, 1 year in!) I loved the paint. Valspar Ultra premiuim gloss, paint and primer in one. It was thick, went on SMOOTH, and was glossy but not TOO glossy. I really liked this paint and can't wait to use it on another project. This dresser was going to get lots of use, it needed to be glossy.
Then I didstressed it.
Hardware was the hardest part. I knew I wanted clear. I also knew that Hobby Lobby always has their knobs half off. I went to 2 different locations. Twice. They only had 1 knob....ugh...but I was excited to get this piece finished so I buckled and went to Home Depot. These knobs are nicer than the HL ones. Good thing because you can pay twice as much there!
The top
Ta-Da. Finally a new refresh! Which, I am sure, since we are "Refresh & Repurpose", that is what you were waiting for.
BUT....this dresser has a job....remember it was for the TV. It was the perfect size for the TV but not for the TV & the cable box.  Sooooooo.....
I pulled out the top drawer. Hubs cut the front off of the drawer itself and drilled 2 holes. One in the drawer and one in the back of the dresser (for cords). I attached the drawer front with two hinges. I also used a magnet so that it would stay shut, since those hinges will also get lots of use. I thought about painting the inside of that drawer for a fun pop of color, and I still day. 

I don't know why I insisted on styling this for pics, because this is what she will look like in her daily life.
Or, if we are being totally honest, this:

 I love a Refresh & Repurpose. Hope you enjoyed as well! 

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  1. OOO i love your redesign! The hand-me-downs are the BEST!
    Thanks so much for linking up and linking back. Be sure to like us on FB for contest updates. :)

    1. Thanks Jocie! Glad you like it (blushing!!). I'm a big fan!

  2. Looks great! I bet your grandma wants it back!

  3. Thanks Lindsey! Hopefully the grey and glass knobs aren't her thing!

  4. that looks great! i have a piece i want to do as a tv cabinet, but i'm too chicken.

  5. Do it! What have you got to loose? You can always change it into something else? I know, easier said than done. Once I complete a project, I like to leave it alone...not keep redoing it! Can't wait to see it! Make sure you let me know in case I miss it!

  6. What a great great transformation!!! I'm seeing this a lot lately - HAVE to try it ( but a little intimidated actually lol)
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time

  7. Thanks Suzan! Thanks for following! I will try not to dissapoint! :) Give it a try, you are pretty talented, I'm sure you would do a fantastic job! You've done some work that looks much more tricky than this! Believe me, I was nervous when the power tools came out! I mean, what if it didn't work?! Eeek!!

  8. I love it! Everyone should have a J-O-B!