Friday, September 28, 2012

New outlook

My last Salvation Army "art" refresh is a mirror.  Who can't use another mirror?
Remember this old girl?

 Dried flowers and broken glass.  Poor thing needed a new home.  Someone to appreciate her.  Maybe that is what Amanda Bynes needs too?  What has happened to our sweet little Holly?!  Home girl has gone crazy.  For $5.25 I was willing to see what I could do with her.
Spray paint primer=best invention ever.  Then brushed on some already owned blue/aqua paint!
 Scrap book paper and modpodge!  I love scrapbook paper.  So many options.  Keeps the painting and stenciling to a minimum.  I like keeping a (should be) easy project on the easy train.
 Duck taped some cardboard to the back of the mirror to keep it a little more stable than it was.
 Ta-Da $5.25 and Amanda looks like a new girl.  Too bad it's not that easy for Amanda in real life.

Another (almost) free refresh!  On Monday I will show you the whole shebang together and a final cost for a house full o' art.