Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Legs

While I am keeping you on pins and needles waiting to see that roman shade, I will share some pictures from a new project. It should probably go on my family blog, and it might at some point, but will never make it there, due to the cuteness that keeps me away from the computer.

So here is cuteness now. Little Miss enjoying her most recent repurpose which I first shared a sneak peek of here:

She is trying to crawl and I don't want those beautiful yummy delicious little knees getting banged up. Not to mention that most of our floors are hardwood....ouch!

I didn't use a tutorial. I pinned some on pinterest but found it easier to just go with the flow and use what sewing knowledge I have!

                                                          Knee socks from the store:
                                                              Cut off at the ankle:
Then snipped the toes and ankles off the foot part (these make the bottom cuff, not completely necessary, you could just fold and hem!)
                                                Flip the band part inside out and sew
(make sure the pattern, if you have one, will then be in the right direction!)
Then sew the hem on the bottom part of the cuff & iron. Flip right side out and enjoy your new baby leggings, or at least watching your little one enjoy them!  And that is how to repurpose knee socks!
And one last one of Little Miss, because the hair is too much..
That is all natural people. All nat-tur-rel!  Enjoy your weekend and all the cuteness that fills your house!

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  1. She IS the cuteness! And the leggings are fun too! I'm going to give this a try. Popping over to your great blog from Home Stories A2Z.

    Warmly, Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle, You've got this craft thing down pat, I'm pretty sure you will have no trouble!

  2. OOoooookay! Those are amazing! Need to remember this!

    1. Thanks! I hope you find them as easy to make as I made them sound! I try not to be too wordy and hate writing tutorials...I'm also kind of a "wing it" girl which makes it hard to write them!!