Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Nursery Sneak Peek..Linens

We will continue this weeks reveal today with the linens. I know. Super exciting, right?!
Actually, I am a little let down. For someone that LOVES fabric and color as much as I do (I mean I do have a degree using them and spent my previous life before kids working with them day in and day out!) I didn't get too crazy or colorful! But they are exactly what I wanted!
Here are the crib linens.
(Excuse the poor picture quality. I have no idea what was going on. They looked fine on the camera?!)A natural colored linen bedskirt with white ruffles. Painstakingly made by grandma. The bedskirt has a hook and loop hem at the top so it can be moved when the crib mattress gets lowered. I absolutely love it. It's probably my favorite thing in the whole room. I would love one for my bed, but I'm scared to ask. I know the ruffles are a lot of work!

A plain white sheet. I thought I wanted a pink and white toile. However, once I put the white sheet on, I really liked it. Remember, the walls are pink! There is plenty of color in this little space!

I wasn't sure what to do for a bumper. There isn't anyway to attach it to the back of the crib (no slats) and they never really fit to where they can easily be tied. It was low on the priority list. I did finally decide I wanted one and a white one. I was trying to keep it simple. I looked online and found plenty. None of which I liked enough to spend $150 on. Strange, I have a Pottery Barn one, and I'm pretty sure it didn't cost that much?! And then...I decided why not make one?! I went to Hobby Lobby found some great chenille white on white polka dots and well...the rest is history. I thought I would just make a simple pillow case for my old bumper. Then I could put the ties where I wanted them and a little more hook and loop would solve that problem in the back! But that amazing grandma took over and whipped it up in a few short hours. She saved me yet again. I mean, I sure it would have only taken me a few short days! I will admit it took me until today to whip stitch the openings closed and sew on the ties (white grossgrain ribbon with some Fray check dabbed on the ends!). $20 for fabric (have some extra!) and $4 ribbon. Already had the fray check and white thread! I call that a good deal!
I loved the bedskirt so much that I couldn't stop there.
I used this linen in several projects, including covering the seat of a tiny rocker and a stool.
Then there are the curtains, which you saw in this Sneak Peek. I thought I may have come up with this idea on my own (I LOVE pom poms and I even had them in our old house on some cornice boards...before Pinterest!!) but I found this pin
Originally from here.
Apparently, I am not the brilliant decorator I thought I was! That's ok, I love these. Super cute and fun. One twin size white $6 sheet and six packs of pom poms (6x $4= $24) later! Not too bad!

Thats about it for linens! What will I reveal tomorrow?!

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