Monday, January 23, 2012

L-O, L-O

Back in September I co hosted a wedding shower. We had it in a really great undecorated space (with an exposed brick wall, my favorite!) Since we had such a blank canvas, I had lots of room for creativity!

The colors were aqua, orange, and white. I found these letters on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. I didn't even visit the site for a tutorial or anything, I thought it would be self explanatory. It wasn't a craft fail, but I'm sure she had some tips or something. I like that they were colorful and had texture and could be reused anywhere! Two of my favorites!

I got the letters at Michales. First I had my design assistant my four year old paint them the color of the yarn I was using. It was nap time for his little brother, so I figure I could put this under the "we did a craft today" category.
Once they were dry I sprayed them with Elmers spray adhesive to hold some of the yarn in place. Then I just started wrapping. I didn't do anything fancy and don't have any secrets. Just wrapped and sprayed, wrapped and sprayed.
I think they are super cute and fun and I thought I would use them in the nursery. But there really wasn't a place for them...but I'll find somewhere!

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