Friday, January 20, 2012

Fit for a Princess

Here it is! The big reveal. The nursery.

Let's first look back at this space in September. A nice blank canvas.
I love this nursery. It is a smallish room, maybe 9x12? Maybe a little bit bigger maybe a little bit smaller.

We started with pink walls. Added in some natural linen, crisp white, and a few more touches of pink. I wanted it to be suttle and calming. I didn't want it to be too frilly or overdone. But I'll admit, I was a little excited about doing a girly space. Hence the pink walls!

Welcome to the nursery of our Little Miss
A small side table (desk)that holds some family pictures and a lamp. A framed (free) "Babies Don't Keep" printout from Lay Baby Lay. It is a nice reminder to keep rocking, keep holding, keep kissing that sweet new baby in my arms. A decent sized basket holds special blankets close at hand and makes them easy to grab. Don't you just want to lay in that comfy!
The crib (a crucial part of the nursery!) and that gallery wall. I'm so glad I faced my decorating fears and finished one! The hardest part was not finding items or prints it was finding it's perfect layout...and then..the measuring for the wall....ugh...
This is Honeycomb. Honeycomb is the bear the boys made her before her arrival. She has a voice box in her hand with a recording of my sweet boys telling her they love her. Don't worry, she's not sleeping in her crib yet, so she is not being harmed by the bear being in her crib.
Standing in the doorway this is what you see. The "cutesy" curtains, nice soft thick rug (which we used in our first apartment and have moved several times, knowing that one day we will use it again?!) I believe it was just a Home Depot find. The dresser is a piece I went back and forth on having out or using in the closet. It came down to function. With me, function wins almost every time. I needed a place for rocking neccessities (burp cloths, lip balm, water, books, music, light). So the dresser, although a bit big for the space, stayed.
In my first nursery, I did not want a glider. I wanted a nice big overstuffed chair that was comfy and squishy. I wanted to be able to reuse it somewhere else. That is, until I went to test drive them. I decided I'd rather have a traditional glider. I have come to love my glider. I have spent countless nights rocking, singing, crying, praying, laughing, worrying, tickling, nursing and loving on three small babes. It's going to be hard to part with. The blanket on the back is one my great grandmother made me when I was a wee babe. It's a nice reminder of where you came from and how much love I have to give.

The dresser turned changing table has a story all it's own and the top was made just for it and was a gift from my aunt. I love it. It was such a thoughtful idea and has been incredibly useful. Nice for holding burp cloths, dipes and wipes, and a few distraction toys.
The monogram was the first thing I knew I was going to put in her room. I wasn't sure where, but I knew it was going up somewhere! This is the same font we used for our wedding. That P was EVERYWHERE! If it was able to get printed it was getting a P on it! And it is the south. A monogram is expected, right?! I love the polka dots to frame it out and give it a finished look. Little Miss has an aunt that LOVES her some polka dots! I can't wait for her to see them. I think she will be excited they got incorporated somehow! The color is the same gold craft paint I used on the frames.
A small stuffed Peter Rabbit and some handbags that belonged to my great grandmother.
The view from the rocker.
Those great knobs I found at Anthropologie holding a sweet little sweater outfit that belonged to my, now (almost) 10 year old niece. It will be fun to see Little Miss in that and the other outfits her cousins wore!

So there you have it. The nursery. A nursery fit for our very own Little Miss Magic. I hope you like it! For me it is the perfect blend of old and new, frilly and suttle. A whole room that perfectly says Refresh & Repurpose!

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