Thursday, November 17, 2011

Salvation Army score!

Yesterday I hit up the Salvation Army in search for some frames for baby girls gallery wall. Since I never have good luck finding what I'm searching for I keep a little list with me. However, yesterday I did find some great frames $2.99/ea(even a print for the kitchen .99!). Don't worry, I have plans for those golden beauties.
2 glass jars for flour and sugar. $2.99 each. More on these later, they for sure, needed some refreshing!
As well as one little bunny box (.99) and a bird "sculpture" ($2.99) that I thought would be cute for hanging hair bows. She's a girl, bows are inevitable! (This one was one of her first presents, a pink and green bow from Auntie JLA!) I have not decided if I will paint them or leave them so dark.
Which means it's time to get her walls painted. I just can't seem to find that perfect shade of pink. All colors are tough to pick, but pink is super hard for me. I want something light and not toooo pink. I thought I wanted something almost white that only looked pink in the corners or depending on the time of day. But when I put those samples on the wall they look almost irradescant? I'm thinking I might have to go a little more pink than white. I will admit, I really want pink. Why wouldn't I take this chance to get a pink room! I always wanted one! She can have blue, red, black another color when she is old enough to paint it herself!

I have a lot of inspiration for her room pinned on Pinterest. I will probably do a breakdown for you, like I did for the boys room. A little more detail and a few projects to complete!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some glass jars calling my name!

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