Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

I did it. I participated in the Pinterest Challenge. Well, we'll see anyway. I tried to and Sherry at YHL made the directions sound super simple?! You know I love some Young House Love, I blogged about them here. Now we are practically neighbors..Well the same zip code anyway.

I didn't participate last time because, I wasn't ready to share any of the projects I'd already done and I hadn't blogged about them either, which made it a more than two step process to get it it didn't.

I just checked...IT WORKED. I linked up! I'm number 338!

And since that was so easy I linked up over at Bower Power. I'm number 173!!! Love me some Katie Bower. I think she may have gotten that old window over the big fixed window because you don't really want blinds idea from me? No? Yeah me either, especially since I didn't blog about it!

So then I participated with Erin at House of Ernest. Number 133!! Erin was participating with YHL & Bower Power but her blog is a fave too!

But the kicker..I linked up over at Ana White. Number 90!! I may not be featured but Ana White is my idol. Not only is she creative, she builds things too! AFTER she makes & creates a plan for it!!

Sooooo, what did I link to these amazing bloggers my idols & fellow DIYers? Well my latest Weekend Wrap Up art project of course!

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