Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

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In this post, I showed you some inspiration artwork for the boys room.
These cute prints both from A Vintage Poster and this one

Even though we didn't get much else done in the room (we were a little busy with a visit from Aunt Kelly and Halloween and a head cold for me), we did get some nice and cheap artwork completed.

We started with these beauties from the goodwill.

I bought paper from Michaels using my three main colors (red, white, & blue). I found some images on line and picked my favorite two and printed them out (fit to paper) and printed.
This is where & why, I should insert step by step instructions and pictures:
I rubbed a pencil over the back of the images.
Taped them to the colored paper (the solid red sheet and the solid blue sheet). I traced the images (on the printout) which transfered the image to the solid paper.
I then retraced the image on the solid paper with a darker pen and covered with clear packing tape (so the paper was that much stronger) and then cut the image out with an exacto knife.
We painted the frames white.


The lines aren't as crisp as a print and if I was really good at print/photoshop, I probably could have created my own print. But I like the texture of the paper and the mat effect of the layers.

Oh and I really like the price (not that the $28 for two prints was bad)...
Two frames from goodwill......$4
White spray paint.............had on hand (as well as packing tape and exacto knife
4 pcs of paper from Michaels..$1

I promise the curtains are coming!! You know the ones from the above post, that I thought we would get to with Aunt Kelly here. Opps!

Here's the progress on the boys room here and here


  1. Thanks!! Super simple! This one was also a HUGE savings!

  2. These are really cute...great job!