Monday, October 17, 2011

Seeing Red

One of the few projects we have started here at Chez Phillips' is the boys room. Q wanted a red room. We compromised on a red wall. Or maybe I just decided we weren't going to have a red room, that I would compromise on a wall. He's too young and I am sure his taste will change fiercely over the years. However, I do feel like red can grow with him.

I wasn't sure what to do with red. They have a cowboy room at their grandparents. If I had been better at blogging all summer you would have seen it. So this time we, (coughcough) I, went nautical. Why wouldn't I? I am from the beach. I could have done sports, but there is plenty of time for sports & team themes. Plus this red will work GREAT when it's time for a Red Sox room!

Here are our red test spots

There are only two colors to choose from and it's only going on this wall, but still wanted it in a few spots to see how light would hit it.

The bottom one is the choosen one. Valspars Radiant Red from Lowes. Red. Definately red. Went on nice and smooth and thick. The quart size already has primer in it! Woot Woot! The red above it is from Home Depot and went on great but is really thin. EXTREMELY thin. Would take several coats. The Valspar will need two coats, but I find most do. That could just be me, being paranoid about empty spots!

Here are some inspiration shots that you can expect to see in the room.
This was my starting point. I LOVE the navy & white comforters. But the charts. Oh those charts. If they weren't so expensive and would come down easily. I did search and search for the comforters or covers, only to find them for $180. Don't think so. Even thought about making them, until I found something just as good at Target.


These curtains (with navy bottoms instead of red)


On these curtain rods (that we will be making when Aunt Kelly comes)


And two pieces of artwork to fancy up those walls!

Both prints from HERE But you know, I'm going to try and do them somehow myself. Which means you also probably won't be surprised when I tell you, I bought the paper to recreate them today.

The rest of the details will have to be a surprise!

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