Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Key Art

We were pretty sentimental leaving our old house. Our very first house. The house we brought our babies home to. The house we painted every square inch of. After we tore off wallpaper on every square inch of the walls. We ripped up carpet and added flooring and made it completely ours. It took five years but it was ours and it was home. Not only did we leave our house we left our city as well.

We wanted some way to keep our house in our new home. Besides the fact that we have chosen to use two of the same paint colors in our new house. Hey, we liked them, what can I say?!

We still had a set of keys. (The first thing you are supposed to do when you move into a new house is get new locks or re-key them, hopefully the new owners did?!) I collected all our paint chips from my house notebook and headed out to Lowes and Home Depot. I wasn't sure what I was going to do or how big so I grabbed a few:

I got a shadowbox from Michaels and viola:

Cheap art with a lot of meaning!

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