Monday, October 3, 2011

No Smokin'

We will have no smoking in the new house. Not that we ever smoked in our old house either. That's probably because we don't smoke. However, our kitchen smoke alarm liked to go off. For fun. It was a good way of testing it, to make sure it was still working!

When we inspected the new house we were told, NONE of them worked! How can you live in a house with no smoke alarms?! I mean if the house were built today there would be one in every room! In Pittsburgh, homes have to have sprinkler systems installed!

I didn't think it would be a huge decision. I was wrong. (I know, it's rare) Ahem, There were several brands, several price points and several things to consider.

However, I am terrified of fire. Among other things. We ended up going with the Kidde Wireless. They explain all the perks here for you. Chad and I picked them because we like that in our three story house when one goes off in the basement (where the electrical panel is) the one in our bedroom will also go off. You don't have to wait for the smoke to reach your room before you wake up! Hello GENIUS!!

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