Thursday, October 13, 2011

The list

Here is the 5 page list of refreshing that needs to be done at our house. I should clarify that this list is my list, not the hubs list. I'm sure his list is much smaller and extremely different. And it might include getting (the new & free) footsball table here. Oh, who am I kidding. He doesn't have a list. His idea of things that need to be done is much shorter than mine! But you can guarantee one thing, if he had a list it would definatley include that footsball table!

Some of this list has been started in various areas of the house.

I don't like having projects started and not completed in different rooms. I want to make a plan, work it, and be done. However, being pregnant doesn't always allow for that to happen. So I'll do what I can, when & where I can. Chad will pick up my slack and try his best to keep me sane!

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