Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall =Caramel

It's fall and I love all things fall. The colors, the cooler weather, college football, and caramel.

So it's no surprise that the name of our new counter tops is Crema Caramel. Well, it is totally a coincidence. It was the lightest Home Depot had. It was also the cheapest level. ME LIKEY!!

Chad and I did the demo ourselves. Well, mostly Chad. I did a lot of watching and giving out my opinion. I know, shocking! I did avoid taking pictures while he was carrying a gigantic piece of heavy formica! I needed to pretend I was helping.

Here is a picture before

Here is an inspiration picture

You can see more of this beautiful kitchen here. We have great white cabinets that didn't need to be replaced and the floor is pretty new too. We contemplated stainless appliances since we needed to buy a fridge. However, the dishwasher and stove were new. The kitchen is pretty small and white keeps the flow going in a small kitchen.

First we started with taking off the back splash. I know that brick is beautiful, but it needed to go. Scoring all that caulking freed the formica back splash.

(No, we didn't get VA Tech stuff, this was while the house was on the market)

While we were removing the beautiful brick we found beautiful wallpaper behind it.

Then the water & power had to be turned off so Chad could dismantle the disposal and sink. The sink was an absolute beast (it's a great new double sink, not a scratch, so we are hoping to sell it on craigslist). It was giant. Lastly, it needed was the screws to come out and someone big and strong to remove it and move it.

Here she is afterward. We added ten inches of counter top space for counter top eating, sitting, playing. I'm loving that ten inches!

There is still a lot of work to be done to finish her up, just a quick trip (yeahrightwhoamikidding) to Lowes for supplies and I already have the paint! Also gotta search Craigslist for some stools!
Now, I'm off to enjoy some caramel...with an apple!


  1. Your inspiration pic has white subway tile. Can't go wrong with that!

    1. Thanks! That is what I was hoping! I am such a commitment phobe when it comes to decorating! Projects are no sweat but "permanent" things are so scary!!

  2. I like the white subway tile that's in your inspiration pic. I think it would look really nice.

    1. Thanks Miranda! I will let you know when I figure it all out!