Monday, January 16, 2012

A Nursery Sneak Peek..Gallery Wall

The nursery has a lot of details so I will make a week of it and on Friday you can see the whole room in all it's glory. Of course, that's pretty scary because it means a lot of pressure for me. You see, the room is not quite finished. Almost, but almost doesn't count.

And I'd rather do it this way so the reveal isn't too wordy.

I am so proud of this wall. Gallery walls scare me because I feel like you are married to them. All those holes in the wall. What if you don't like it. Then it's a lot of work to repair your wall....ugh. No thanks.

When I found out we were having a girl, I wanted to do paper dolls a la Erika at Urban Grace Interiors
What's not to love?! I wanted to do them myself, but wasn't sure how to do them and change them up a bit without directly coping them.

So the plan changed to a gallery wall when we went to the Outer Banks for Labor Day and found an old Peter Rabbit book. First, I guess I should explain the Peter Rabbit connection. The furniture that is used in the nursery and a few pieces in the boys room was my grandmothers, and first her sisters! Their childhood room was called Peter Rabbits room. The furniture became Peter Rabbits furniture. So once we found the book, and decided on a gallery wall, I ran with the Peter Rabbit theme. (I love a theme. It seems to make things easier?)

Then I had to find some other inspiration. I didn't want all pictures. I wanted different textures, sizes, colors, etc. So to pinterest I went!

Once I got some inspiration I headed to the Salvation Army for some frames. Remember this post about some frames I found? Since I wanted different textures sizes etc for the artwork, I decided I would do that for the frames too. Which made shopping at the Salvation Army easy. I also decided that the color would be the thing that made them uniform.

And then I showed you the frames in progress. Some primer and $3 gold craft paint.

Here it is all finished.
Pictures 1 & 2 were inspired by this:
For some reason it's not letting me open the original site? I took a guess as to what it actually is, but I thought I would combine silhouettes and the boys artwork, so it was a project for them and something they did just for her. These two pictures consist of a $3 Walmart frame, a $2 Salvation Army frame, and 2 pieces of cardstock for $1.

Pictures 3 & 4 are the pages from the Peter Rabbit book. Two $3 frames from Salvation Army.

Picture 5 is a cross stitch I did years ago (I believe in high school) and a $1 wooden frame from Michales.

#6 is just a resin C from Ben Franklin. $1.

#7 is a Wedgewood plate from the set we were given from Chads grandmother when Q was born.
Image found here. So glad we found a great use for it. I know I should have, but there was no way, I was going to give my toddler some Wedgewood china to eat off of!

#8 was inspired by this:
Found on Pinterest but originally from here
It was super simple to do. I got a $1 embroidery hoop from Ben Franklin and used some fabric & thread I already had. I also used iron on tape to keep things from shifting while I sewed. I really think it's cute.

Picture #9 was inspired by this bunny bunting
Again, found on Pinterest but originally from here. I even used the same bunnies for a template. I made five different sizes. One for each member of our family. A $2 Salvation Army frame, $1 for 2 pieces of cardstock, and $1 for a package of pom poms. I don't know how I got this final product from the bunting. But I guess that is why it is called inspiration!

Picture 10 is one of my favorites. I love toile print. I saw this paper at Hobby Lobby and new I wanted to use it. I was originally going to use it for the five bunnies but it wasn't working out. Once I started to look at it I noticed it had two little boys and a little girl playing ring around the rosey, with a dog and a mom watching. Two little boys and a little girl!! $1 Salvation Army frame and a piece of scrapbook paper! Score!

Picture 11 is a Michaels frame I already had, some linen fabric (you'll see more of that soon) as a mat, and two pages from another antique Peter Rabbit book.

There you have it. A gallery wall for under $25 and I got to conquer my irrational fear laziness of completing one! And I'm sure way more details than you ever wanted to know!

For previous nursery post see these Pink,Frames, Sneak Peek, Gallery Wall in progress

Check back tomorrow night for Tuesdays reveal!

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