Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nautical Dresser

Remember this post.
Well, I finally finished it, filled it up, and there it sat. Waiting for this post.
I didn't sand it and I should have. Normally I would have, but for it's purpose, I didn't see the need. But I did prime it, taped out my stripes and got to work.
I really liked the rope knobs on the inspiration piece and wasn't sure if they were going to be "too much". Now, I wish I could have found them. I think I would have really liked them. Instead I found some other ones, but was still afraid they were going to be "too much", so I went with the bottom three drawers. Thinking now I would like to find some more for the top two drawers!!
B has been enjoying his "new dresser" and his big brother is happy he no longer has to share a dresser. Why do they care? They are 4 & 2 and they are boys!!

It wasn't my best redo, but I like it and I haven't heard the boys critique it...yet. I couldn't decide if I wanted to distress it or not? Time was running out. Little Miss was on her way and I needed to get her room done too! Maybe one day, I'll distress it?!

If I could just get two shelfs up in their room, it would be ready for a reveal. I have them, they just need to go up. Maybe one day, I'll get those up, but for now I just seem to be adding to the ole to do list!

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