Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up- It's football season!

My BFF is like most of my friends.  She is extremely creative, talented, motivated and hardworking (not to mention smart, beautiful, and brings joy to my life).  These girls love a new and fresh idea (or one shared 110 repins later on Pinterest), but they always leave it to me for execution.

Once she bought her ticket to come visit, she decided we needed to make a wreath (or 2 or 4).  We both wanted a football one since football season is upon us (as much as I LOVE a good football game, my husband,  makes his weekend schedule around who is playing and when).  And IF it happens to be East Carolina, you can guarantee he is unavailable for the any pregame, the entire game, and any amazing highlights any network decides to share after.  And if they don't he will probably check you tube to catch anything he may have possibly missed if he so happened to blink.  Thankfully, I went to East Carolina as well, so I share a smidge of the spirit that he does. 

I made a wreath board on pinterest, for Kelly to look at of my faves. We decided on the rag wreath that Krystal at Sassy Sanctuary had done. Here is her picture.
After reading her Halloween rag wreath tutorial (which is really good, so I don't have too..woo hoo), I went out and started looking for fabric. She used 8 yards (4 patterns/2 yards each). Since we would be doing purple and gold I went for 1 yard of each (and I have LOTS leftover). But I did cut my strips the same (6"x1") and double knotted (as she suggested)!

My absolute favorite football wreath I pinned was the houndstooth Alabama one. Just because I don't think there is a pattern better than houndstooth!! But when people come over and ask me if I went to Alabama it might be a little awkward to say no.

I do think ours is a little on the light side, because I used fabrics with a white background (ie the argyle) but I went for fabrics I liked, not just color. And I would not buy the licensed ECU fabric again. It's higher priced AND you can't see it! I do love our football pin that we made. Overall I think this wreath is super cute and I can't wait to hang it on my front door! Kick off is Saturday! Here's a little Pirate Pride video to get you pumped up...it's on a constant repeat feed at our house!
Half way done!  Kelly went around and I did section by section.
Yellow Pirate
Purple Pirate

Thanks Krystal for the inspiration and the excellent tutorial!
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  1. Holy Moly!!!! That looks so good, Jennifer. I want one, pretty please. ;) Thanks for sharing this project. :)

    1. Thanks! I appreciate it! PM me on FB, we can talk!

  2. It turned out super cute! Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad you made one. They are fun!

    1. Thanks Krystal, I'm glad you approve! Of course, any time I get an idea or am inspired, I'll shout out, and tag and credit..like they day "do unto others"!

  3. Love your version too! Thanx for sharing and visiting my blog. Tiffany