Monday, August 27, 2012

Abra Bowdabra

My BFF & I tried out the Bowdabra this weekend. 

We started on Thursday night.  We were so excited to make Little Miss some bows!  And then we were so frustrated (this might have resulted from not watching the instructional DVD that was included) that we ended up putting it away until Sunday night (we were busy doing other things trying to impress Martha).

Still refusing to watch the DVD, we thought a little Fat Tire and Cakebread would help us instead. 
It got ugly.  Very quickly. Small pieces, slippery ribbon, hot glue gun, bows that were too big, too small....Martha would not be pleased.

According to Kelly the BOWdabra is BOWlogna
Looks like we have something else to shop for on Etsy!

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