Friday, October 22, 2010

Those Chairs

I got these chairs (I will spare you the long story of how they came home with me) and they sat in my garage for months.

I wanted to keep them. Not because I thought they would be beautiful, but because I wanted to use fabric. Remember, I LOVE fabric. Everyone told me not to bother, just sell them as is. Well that goes against every ounce of my being. I couldn't just sell them, I had to do something to them! After much deliberation, I decided to at least paint them black so if I did like them, I could keep them.

Once I primed them, I was nervous because they looked really good "white". However, white just would not work in my room. I was stuck. What do I do? Do I go for it and paint them white for someone else, or stick to the plan, paint them black and lay claim for myself?

I went with black. I had to keep these chairs. I could not wait to use my cornice board fabric and find some more fun coordinating fabric for the other four chairs!

I LOVE these chairs. I love the way they look against my blue dining room walls. I love the fabrics. I love the colors.

And the naysayers...are pretty impressed with the refresh!

1 comment:

  1. I saw these chairs in her garage--they were so dated and SO ugly I couldn't believe she didn't sell them at our yardsale. It never would have occured to me that they would look AWESOME black! They are fantastic now!