Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mirror, Mirror..

on my wall!!
I found a mirror, I had to have! It's a bit cliche to have a mirror over a fireplace, I know, but I wasn't sure what I wanted above ours. We had a large picture, but it was a winter print, dark, snowy...DREARY.
Then....I found this mirror. I usually don't have any trouble finding anything here, but finding something affordable and large can sometimes be a problem. However, I studied it for awhile and carried around the picture and thought...I can make that! Then I studied it some more.
I couldn't have the exact mirror, especially once I learned that the frame is actually metal. I thought it was wood. One of the reasons I really liked it. I LOVED the size. I went to Micheals to see what I could find. They had mirrors, but not the 8.5"x11". I settled for 8"x8", they were still beveled, which I felt was the important part.
I then went to Home Depot and found some trim I liked as well as liquid mirror and a hanging kit and set out to make my mirror. I had the stain, plywood and wood glue at home. A few cuts of the plywood and trim and I was ready to stain.
Once all the wood was stained I attached the mirrors and trim. I let everything set and then attached the hanging pieces to the back.
After a few holes were drilled in the wall (yes, a was late and I was anxious!) I had a new mirror! I then took pictures and sat down to enjoy my new mirror. I sent out the pictures to a few friends, who I am sure were tired of hearing about my mirror project. By the next morning the mirror was sold! I have until the new owner drives up from Florida to make myself a new one.

I think it would also look good in a variety of colors or distressed white! Let me know which one you would like!
And that my friends is my fireplace refresh!

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