Thursday, November 1, 2012

Put a Name On It

Like my girl Beyonce says If you like it you should put a ring name on it.

I hinted yesterday about one of my favorite Etsy shops.  I have also joked about our southern roots and how we will put a name or monogram on anything that stays still long enough.  Beyonce is from Texas, that's southern, right?  That includes home stuff, so here is the tie in.

I have one spoiled rotten lab
He also has a name and initials.  Which means he too, has a monogram.  Enter Libbie & Winston.  Anna has great stuff.  All kinds of great stuff.  Like get a Christmas wish list to your husband a-sap great stuff.  I keep a running list of favorites on the Etsy site.  However, when I saw this pattern:
I HAD to have it.  You know, because, I  love turquoise.  And it goes great in my kitchen.  And that is where Porters food is.  And he drools.
And see that pink chevron, well yeah, Little Miss got one too.  I don't need blueberry stains in my granite.
And the backside of these is just as cute:

I'm thinking she needs one for every holiday?  What if they were reversible?  I'd like 12 months worth please!  They are a great size and a thick heavy laminate protect it!

I also got some other fun stuff that isn't really for the home but look how cute!
Anyway you get my drift...lots of cute stuff.  Go check it out!

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