Monday, November 19, 2012

Ohhh Pottery Barn...

I know it's been a ridiculously long time since I posted.  I have been working on (a what I thought was going to be a really simple) project that has taken FOREVER.
Seriously, I had to work on it solo, which means the hours from 8-whenever I went cross eyed and put it away for the next night.  Tomorrow, I will show you the project and the pain process.

But first I am going to show you my new favorite place to drool.  Welcome to the world of Mark and Graham.  The genius work of Pottery Barn.  Home stuff. Monogrammed.  Gifts (more than the PB usual).  Monogrammed. And the icing on the cake....DIY items!  For you to buy.

The search features are also incredible!  They want to make it easy peasy for you to drop some serious coin in a matter of minutes.  Well done M&G.  Well done.

I am digging this little covered canister.  Only $35 could be a great gift and quite possibly a nice little heirloom.  I'm thinking a new baby.  It would look great on a side table with baby clippers or accessories.  Or if a friend got engaged you could add the initial of her new last name.
This would be cute attached to a bottle of champagne for your friend, the new home owner.  A picture of their home and the address engraved.  It will only set you back $28!
Then there is this little cosmetic case/dopp kit or coin purse or trinket case.  However, the lining is cotton so it is washable, but not leak proof.  Would be good for the male friend in your life as well. $15-$49.  Order a bunch and be done with your shopping list.  Could be fun to receive a whole set of different sizes to use for a variety or items. 
And because it's the south and a home blog, how can you pass up on this mint julep cup?  You could fill it with some fresh flowers and take it to your boss.  But at a starting price of $49 you better like your boss, and it would be even better if you knew you had a raise coming.
If you really, and I mean REALLY love someone you could buy them this amazing cashmere throw.  'Cause let's be real.  I'm not buying just anyone a blanket for $299.
You are in love, aren't you?  Something for everyone.  Enjoy your shopping!

*All opinions are mine.  I was not paid or perked for writing this.  I just love Pottery Barn and wanted to share their new venture with all of you.

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