Monday, September 19, 2011


So I could have blogged months ago about my obsession with Pinterest but that would require I stop pinning for 30 minutes or so and write. But I can't. I am obsessed.
I LOVE that I don't need my 3 ring binder anymore. I LOVE that if I find something in a magazine, I can find it online and pin it to a folder. No more need for paper. And that is great on so many levels.

I have two weddings coming up and have had a great time pinning wedding shower ideas etc. I've even completed a few projects I've pinned!

It may be a short welcome back post, but I will leave you with some inspiration and a need to get on Pinterest!!

You could repurpose some scrap wood and make the slats different widths.VIA

Oh that Martha! She gets me everytime!

A great way to use up some of those extra pieces of yarn. It's a recycle for the birds!VIA

A lot of trees have come down in Richmond lately. Pretty sure I could find some extra stumps? Repurpose them instead of mulch!VIA

A new use for clohes pins!VIA

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